The Battle Against Pimples Gets Easier

March 7, 2011 by admin 

teen-acne-150x150 The Battle Against Pimples Gets EasierPimples are the most gentle of all acne forms. There are myriad factors which may result in their outburst.

Teenage pimples are more often related to puberty. With most teenagers, pimples pop up as a result of internal hormonal changes. To some pimples appear as a result of some internal abnormalities.

There are certain edibles which trigger outbreak of pimples. These foods may vary from person to person. Usually spicy and oily foods and cocoa products are considered pimples causing foods.

Pimples may also follow hereditary characteristics. Tension and stress are also held to set off pimples. If the cosmetic products that you happen to use are greasy, there is enough likelihood of pimples outbreak.

The treatment part of pimples calls for a great deal of persistence and perseverance. First things first, a person with a pimpled skin must cleanse his/her face at least twice a day and that too with soft water. The antimicrobial cleanser used must again be mild so that it works gently on the facial skin. The product that you pick to bring in direct contact with the skin must not contain even the slightest hint of alcohol. Rather it should have more and more of vitamin A, zinc and vitamin C. If your intake of these macronutrients is insufficient, you must go in for supplements. Application of sandal and clay gives a pleasant feel to the irritated skin.

If pimples pop up on most crucial times, you may either use cosmetic tricks to hide them or you may see a doctor. In emergency cases, doctors give a cortisone injection that fades away the pimple right away.

To prevent pimples from targeting you, you must drink lots of water, keep away from stress, cleanse the facial skin regularly without fail and follow a diet rich in all macronutrients. Good luck to you!


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  1. jini on April 14th, 2011 1:14 pm

    hi…. i have recently diagnosed as acne rosascia.. i have very bg bumps on my face with rednes. i don t know what to do… its very horible to see my face. i would like try ayurvedic methods… can you plz help me

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